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Apr 21, 2013 7:00am EDT
republicans are calling on the obama administration to declare the 19-year-old suspect an enemy combatant subject to the loss of four, so intelligence officials can continue to interrogate him for as long as they deem necessary. authorities captured him in watertown, mass. friday evening. they are invoking the public .afety exception he remains hospitalized under sedation and remains unclear what kind of communication they are able to have him at the moment. judy is on the phone from north carolina, independent line. good morning, and welcome to the program. caller: thank you. my thought on the issue is that we are a large nation, an all- inclusive nation, and i believe that the boy scouts is a private organization and has the right to determine who their membership is. i believe there should be a third organization that some of the gay-rights people should put into place, and that would be the rainbow scouts. then they can put all the lbb tea in anything they wanted, -- lgbt. republican senator tim scott delivering the republican response and focusing on the events of the past week, incl
Apr 21, 2013 12:00pm PDT
the in civilian court. so they're not saying he should be tried as an enemy combatant, but they say he should be declared an enemy combatant for now, in order to let intelligence officials do all the interrogating. that's their argument. in any event, the obama administration has made the decision they're not going to do that and they're going to do it as i indicated earlier. >> nbc's pete williams, justice correspondent for nbc, pete, thanks as always, sir. >> you bet. >>> the big debate, as pete just mentioned there, the big debate brewing out of boston, over how to treat the bombing suspect who's now in custody and whether he should be labeled an enemy combatant. chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, weighed in this morning. take a listen. >> he's a citizen of the united states. i think that brings all of the protections of the u.s. constitution under the public safety exception, however, i do believe that the fbi has a period of time to try to determine what threats are there today. we don't know if there are other devices, other people, and i think plannmirandizing h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2